görkem arıkan

sound artist, electronic musician


No Musicians’ Land

  I am happy to take part in the “No Musicians Land” project organized by Murat Ali Cengiz, will be running as a part of the Marina Abramovic Exhibition at Sakıp Sabancı Müzesi in Istanbul, curated by the Marina …

A.I.D Takes Over #3

A.I.D Takes Over! #3 18.12.19 arkaoda A.I.D (Art is Dead) tanımlanmış müzikal kriterlerden bağımsızlaşma gayesi ile 2014 yılında bir araya gelmiş İstanbul menşeli bir oluşumdur. Art is Dead ismi müziğin yeni teknolojiler, yeni yöntemler, akıl …

STEIM is 50!

thrilled to be a part of Steim’s 50th birthday festival, to be transforming into ARMonic this time with the Pentacle 15.3 surround sound system by Fedde ten Berge & Jesse Meijer. come and join the …

Final Concert

Playing my final exam concert at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. First, I will play a solo set, and then play duo with Slavo Krekovic. https://www.facebook.com/events/483533689115437/