sound artist, electronic musician

“ARMonic” (2019)

ARMonic is an experimental electro-acoustic music performance with a custom-made DIY interface which gives the ability to shape live and prepared materials in real time.

The wireless interface of ARMonic consists of a wristband equipped with an IMU sensor and several conductive rings employed in translating the body movements into sound. The performer can be thought as an orchestra conductor who directs the algorithms that constitute the heart of the sound engine. Emphasizing the expressive potential of the physical relationship with the computer and with the audience, ARMonic minimizes the dependence of computer music performance on the screens.

ARMonic is a pursuit of creating an unconventional performance vehicle enables to drive towards exploring the performer’s inner world and learn new ways of expression through sound and movement. ARMonic took place in several events in various formations such as solo with a 15.3 surround sound system, free improvisation sets with other musicians and ensembles, solo in concert halls.

The piece is an ongoing research, seeking an intimate relationship between the computer and the body in which they merge and become an idiosyncratic musical instrument.

Sound Recording: Marko Uzunovski
Video Recording: Dünya Atay & Volkan Turgut
Video Edit: Kerim Safa

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