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Singing Sparks

“Singing Sparks” is a sound installation and a documentary, the outcome of an artistic research co-created by sound artist Görkem Arıkan and car mechanic İbrahim Tokkaya. The project focuses on establishing a close relationship among the artist and car mechanic in order to bring out the use of sound and explore the cultural sides of listening. The sound installation consists of spark plugs and coils with custom-built electronics, fired at high speeds to generate rhythms and tones. Electro-magnetic microphones capture the sparks, and a specially designed sound system immerses the audience, who are invited to interact with the piece through sensor-based interfaces.

Another output of this project is a documentary video focusing on noise in society and its mediation among diverse backgrounds living on the same land together and the creative process of the project. As a part of Rewire Festival 2021, these outcomes will be shown in İbrahim Tokkaya’s garage.

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