Singing Sparks (2021)


"Singing Sparks" is a performative sound installation and a documentary, outcome of an artistic research co-created by sound artist Görkem Arıkan and car mechanic İbrahim Tokkaya, and filmmaker Batuhan Keskiner. The project started off to witness listening as an act that takes place in garages among car mechanics, and the cultural aspects of a relationship built upon the notion of noise.


The idea of the piece was cultivated at the gatherings at Tokkaya's garage, utilizing spare car parts from his inventory. Driven by an engine-inspired algorithm, ignition coils are able to generate regular and stochastic walks and transitions pronounced by four spark plugs and custom loudspeakers, through guitar pickups electromagnetically capture the sound of sparks. The controlled randomness in Singing Sparks' nature gives it a playful behavior. On the other hand, the open structure of the system to different interfaces makes it a versatile instrument I'll be using at my upcoming shows.


Another output of this project is a film by Batuhan Keskiner who captured the process from the begining to end, and made a film out of our interviews with car mechanics, their approach to listening, time we spent together in finding creative ideas, and the build-up process of Singing Sparks.


Soon: The film will be available here in this page.

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