sound artist, electronic musician



Görkem Arıkan is an interdisciplinary sound artist, performer, producer,  and improviser. Makes new interfaces for musical expression, interactive installations, and sound objects. Composes music and designs sound. Recent graduate from the Institute of Sonology & STEIM masters at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

Participated in several festivals such as ADE, Dutch Modular, Rewire, ITGWO, and Radical DB with solo shows, improvisation ensembles as well as custom performances for multi-channel sound systems.

In the early stages, he played the piano and some percussive instruments. Until his university years he made music with computers and new accessible technologies led him to work with motors, sensors and micro-controllers. Developed skills and knowledge in electronics and sound synthesis during his bachelor at the Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department, where he completed his studies with full scholarship.

Believes sharing skills and knowledge increase collective intelligence and creativity, an ethos which is also complimented by recycling and do-it-your-self movement, one that encourages inventing unique instruments and sounds rather than buying new ones.

Co-founded A.I.D (Art Is Dead) which is a non-profit collective, organizing experimental music and performance gatherings in Turkey and recently in Europe.

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