past and upcoming events



September 10,11, 12 - Proximity Music, Exhibiting Singing Sparks, at iii, Rewire Festival, The Grey Space In The Middle, Den Haag

March 6 - Empathy Ecologies, with Lancel/Maat, at COMETOGETHER #5, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam

February 4 & 6 - No Musicians' Land, live stream at Marina Abramovic AKIŞ/FLUX exhibition, Sabancı Museum, İstanbul

January 25 - KONCON Open Day, at Schoenberg Zaal, Den Haag

January 5 - Take The A.I.D Train, w/ Volkan Ergen, at Bova, İstanbul

December 17 - A.I.D Takes Over #3, w/ Çağrı Erdem at Arkaoda, İstanbul

December 7 - Art Machines, at De Nijverheid,  Utrecht

October 17 - Steim Presents the Pentacle, ADE at Compagnietheater,  Amsterdam

September 21 - Hyena Noise Fest at Stichting Centrum,  Den Haag

September 14 STEIM 50 Years at STEIM Broedplaats Lely, Amsterdam

September 11 Vrooom #73 at Klooster Oude Noorden, Rotterdam

June27 - Final Concert at the Institute of Sonology, Den Haag

June 22 - Foreskin Sashimi w/Gökay Atabek at Walls Want Paint at Portgebouw, Rotterdam

June 19 - Rear Ear #3 at STEIM, Amsterdam

June 15 June Improv Meeting with FFIO at Studio Loos, Den Haag

May 18 - InTake at Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, Den Haag

April 6 - SOTU Festival pre-party at De Samenscholing, Den Haag

March 29- Rewire Festival with Free Fall Improvisers Orchestra at Grey Space, Den Haag

March 2 - A.I.D Room No:12 with Şevket Akıncı, Onur Başkurt at Vault 34, Istanbul

February 21 Free Fall #4 with Timotheè Quost at Studio Loos, Den Haag

January 23 DinnerKafé & concerts with Slavo Krekovic at Villa K, Den Haag

November 20 CASS: Alien Autogenetic Guitar with Sensors Mapping its DNA at Koncon, Den Haag

November 9 Radical dB2018 at ETOPIA, Zaragoza

May 21 Rear Ear #1 at STEIM, Amsterdam