Transynch (2016)

"Transynch" is an interactive sound installation consisting of 4 rotating speakers, 1 fixed plate transducer hanging from the ceiling, and a 2+1 sound system. The rotation speed of each speaker is determined by the amount of sunlight, via 4 light-dependent resistors placed outside, toward 4 cardinal directions. Each speaker thus starts to rotate by dawn and alters its speed constantly till dusk.
The sound material is recorded on the board of Greenpeace's reputed ship Rainbow Warrior, during its visit to Istanbul for the campaign called “Sail to The Sun”. The body of the ship and additional material such as springs, cymbals, plates, and dc motors are used for sonic variety. 82 pre-composed samples are generated randomly during the exhibition through independently rotating speakers in different heights to provide a dynamic acousmatic experience floating perpetually throughout the daytime.

Artist On Board (SUPA, 2016, Istanbul)
work: “Transynch" - sound installation in collaboration with Çağrı Erdem.

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